Looking for an English to French translator to translate my novel.

Hello, my name is Lillian Ashcroft. I am a disabled LGBT+ Dark Fantasy Author. APPLICANTS MUST BE OKAY WITH USING DISCORD OR SKYPE TO DO VOICE CHAT.
the reason why the payment for the project is so low is due to the fact that I am disabled and on a very strictly controlled income. My stories ARE NOT PORN. However, they due utilized explicit sexual content for various narrative and meta-narrative reasons and do deal with some extremely dark and uncomfortable sexual taboos and topics. In light of this Translators must be comfortable translating text describing such content.
My stories tend to lean much towards an LGBT+ Dark-Fiction with Horror, Action or Adventure leanings and some Lovecraftian tones and themes and thus deal with extreme violence, cruelty and the exploration of wicked taboos.

The story is called The Piper Wars: Omnibus 1.
Story Summary = The fallen Death-Reaper known as the Piper has gone rogue and is leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He has made an infernal alliance with the cursed heathen gods of old, throwing all of reality into chaos in all or nothing bid to become the most powerful being in the Multiverse. In Wonderland, Alice must make a terrible trek to find her way home before the Red Queen can claim her head as Captain Hook sails deep into the forbidden waters to seize godhood over the Neverlands. On Earth, The Darling Children and the Lost Boys face a fearsome battle for survival against dark inter-dimensional forces.

The art below is also to help give an idea of what kind of stories I write.