Metalshop UA: English – Ukrainian Translator (E-shop localisation)

Dear Freelancers,

Metalshop.CZ s.r.o. is one of the biggest European retailers when it comes to official, licensed band merchandise, top-quality metal, rock and alternative clothing, genuine leather shoes and more.

Metalshop is currently present in 9 European countries such as Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary, while shipping everything it has in stock (20.000+ items) worldwide from our English, European website also.

At this point we are expanding our business and all the metal and rock culture that go with it to Ukraine and therefore we are looking for skilled, hard-working individuals who would help us establish Metalshop as a number one online E-shop with all things rock and heavy music related.

We are in a need of people fluent in Ukrainian that would help us translate the E-shop’s text on both front and back end into Ukrainian from English. When the time comes we are going to also look for people that would take care of figuring out how to offer the top-quality customer support in our soon-to-be customers in Ukraine.

Please see the website for reference as pretty much all that is to see there will be necessary to translate.

We are also very open to long-term cooperation, should we be happy with you and you with us, we have more then enough long-term tasks that are going to need to be taken care of after establishing metalshop in Ukraine.

Looking forward to your messages.
Ukrainian natives/ fluent in Ukrainian only. Knowledge and understanding of local, Ukrainian market, especially e-commerce market welcomed but not mandatory.