EN>SV Agricultural Machinery Ongoing Project (Across)

Dear linguist,

It is nice to e-meet you. 🙂

We have plenty of EN>SV translation projects that would require your expertise. Would you agree to collaborate with us on a regular basis?


MAIN FIELDS: Agricultural Machinery/Automotive

JOB TYPE: translation, editing, MT post editing

TOOLS: Across

WORKLOAD: as per your needs


PAYMENT TERM: 30 days after invoice is issued


What to do:

– APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/XeYPuexJdHRecZMEA

– We will send you our Service Provision Agreement, so you would be legally protected.

– You will write “Agree” and send your payment details.

– We will start sending tasks via our system.

What more we suggest:

1. Trainings on how to work with translation tools if needed.

2. Friendly and professional support provided by HR, PM, IT, accountancy teams.

3. A reliable partnership, as said by our linguists: https://talents.synergium.eu/reputation/

Looking forward to our collaboration!