An English to Italian translation job

Source language(s): English
Target language(s): Italian
Details of the project: Hi

We are looking for one excellent translator, maybe you.

What kind of translator can apply:

1. Bachelor degree or above.

2. Can pass the free test offered by our


3. Be good at the automobile field.

4. Native language translator.

5. Send back us a copy of your current

passport and university bachelor degree if

we sign working agreement. You DO NOT need

to send it back now.

If you meet the above criteria and are

interested in our company, please send

your resume to my email.
This job is already available.

We want to pay for this job 0.05 EUR per word
Who can apply: Freelancers only
Deadline for applying: 09/26/2019
Delete this ad from the site after the deadline for applying.
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Posted on Wednesday, 19 Sep 2018, 06:55:30