(AP0[HIDDEN]) Long Context Translation (Q3) zh_CN-en_US

Flitto is looking for translators who have a high fluency in [source language], and are native in [target language] to participate in our new project: Long Context Translation (LCT).

Please read the short job description and send your proposal to me if you’re interested.

*Task type: Long Context Translation (LCT)
-LCT tasks involve translating longer segments of text, within the context of the document.
-These may consist of multiple sentences or paragraphs separated by new lines, accompanied by contextual paragraphs from the same document.
-The task requires translation with consideration of context within a domain-specific framework, demanding a high level of fluency.

*Language Pair: [source language] → [target language]
Please read the short job description and fill in Google form (link below) if you’re interested.

*Task type: HT (Human Translation) for Long Context
(There are various types of tasks, and we will request them in order)
*Language Pair: [source language] → [target language]

-Chinese(Simplified) to English (zh_CN-en_US)

*You will work on Flitto’s platform.

*Price in below(Budget and payment details) is calculated in average character per string (=17 characters on average) so the ACTUAL PRICE per string can be DIFFERENT.

*Those who pass the test with exceptional scores receive Review(RV) task too.

*The standard crowd and higher level will be determined according to internal evaluation criteria.
Internal evaluation criteria will not be separately provided.

*Preferred qualifications:
-Holders of master’s or doctoral degrees related to translation, interpretation, localization, and linguistics.
-Applicants with proven extensive translation experience.””
-Certified proficiency in the language (CEFR C2 level) demonstrated

*Required Language Level: a high level of language fluency in [source language] and native in [target language]

*Specific guidelines will be given when it is ready.

*If you’re interested, please fill in the Google form (link below).

Thank you.”

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