Native Hebrew sentences recording

Need to record 230 short sentences on an APP ( funcrowd APP)
Should be a native Hebrew speaker from Israel.
Recording device: Mobile phone

Recording environment:
Quiet environment

Note, that one person can only record once, if you have already recorded the same project of 230 sentences on Funcrowd APP, then you are not eligible.

Recording requirements:
1. Must be in quiet room, close the door and window, and let the environment is quiet.
2. Don’t charge the phone when recording, need to mute the phone to avoid the call-in or other sounds.
3. Need to leave 1 second of mute time, then read words, then leave the 1 second of mute time to finish.
4. Need to read the given words, don’t read wrongly; don’t read too fast or too slow; you need normal speed.
5. Don’t use earphones to read; that will let your voice unclear; your voice needs to be clear.
6. Don’t touch your phone when reading; that will get tap noise.
7 BYD should be read by English letters ( BEE WHY DEE)
8 Hi Hey should be read by English
9 Any English words should be the right pronunciation and clear

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