Translation book lenguages is Island seychelles

Translation book lenguages is Island seychelles

It is important that each record is on one page will be for the next following the order of the book in English! titles in bold and bigger!

I am writing to you from the official world record that below we are going to make a record book in the maximum possible languages ​to sell online and to enter the top 20 of the most translated books in history.  

We want to be the record book for more languages ​​if not the only one Would you be interested in joining our group for all languages ​​that you can translate professionally?

The book will be the book of world records will have about 200 pages of short and simple texts that you can see on our website currently. Everything will be under contract when the selection stage is finished and the book is ready, which will soon be delivered in word in English or Spanish to translate into your language or languages ​​to translate within a month.  

We had also forgotten to comment and we informed that not only will each of you appear in your translated book as the author of the official translator, but you will also be given a diploma in PDF signed by the president so that they can be presented on any official site for your CV improvement Apart from all the advantages already mentioned