Translation (550 Pages) ITALIAN, CZECH (tr) (can be splitted) (in only ONE or both directions)

I am seeking for a translator of ITALIAN and CZECH It is only a part of a multilingual project of translation of webiste for my client – the same website will be translated into very many languages (language mutations) and this language is only one of the very many languages.

IMPORTANT: I need a translator for only ONE direction or for the both directions (this means that you need NOT be able to translate in the both directions)

NOT URGENT – THE JOB WILL BE SPLITTED  (The job may be DIVIDED into many portions according to your actual time possibilities (no time pressure)

Job 1:  From ITALIAN into CZECH
– Translsation of a standard website (simple common language, promotional campaign, company history, employees etc.)
– some 550-600 pages (will be specified later on)

Job 2:  From CZECH into ITALIAN
– They are advertisement materials (general, sales promotion)
– about 980 pages (may be extended as what my colleague said, but not sure yet)

– The  translation will be divided into many SMALL batches and the translator will be paid (by milestones) for each individual finished batch, immediately after each delivery
– The job may be splitted between several translators, so each translator will have the possibility to take only so many pages according to his/her actual time possibilities
– The both jobs are long-time projects (no hurry)
– The texts will be provided in Word

I have seen a part of the texts already and I found out that some pages  are almost identical. So, the once translated text may be only copied and the eventual differences between individual dicuments checked for and the  document created by copying only can only be edited to incorporate the eventully found differences (e.g. modified numerals)

If you are interested, please write me:
Your lowest possible BID FOR A STANDARD PAGE (1 standard page equals to 1800 characters, including spaces)

IMPORTANT: Please, do NOT specify the price by a rate for an hour or for a word.
I need to know your bid per page already now.. So, if you are not sure about the price yet,  please write to me leastways your very rough estimation (preliminary price) so that I know whether it makes  a sense to contact you for further discussion about details.
Please keep in mind that my client for which the website translation is has a very very limited budget (he is located in Eastern Europe) and so I myself must remain competitive for him or otherwise my client will leave me (the compettion in this field is very intense). So, I really need your LOWEST possible bid (the lower, the better for our co-operation). Many thanks for your kind understanding that our cooperation is only possible if I can afford it.

BONUS: I will give you a very LOOOONG, PERSONALIZED, and PREMIUM feedback in order to boom your Upwork business 🙂

I am looking forward to our eventual trouble-free, kind-hearted co-operation with bilateral goodwill and mutual respect!

Many thanks.
Kind regards, Jan