Transcript, Translate 250 videos (SPANISH-ENGLISH-MANDARIN)

We have a long-term project for this whole year.

We need transcription, translation and subtitling for training videos.

The videos teach how to use an online platform. We as an agency will produce the original videos in SPANISH.

We are searching freelancers through several open projects on Upwork.

1) Transcription and Translation of Video SPANISH to ENGLISH

2) Subtitling in ENGLISH

3) ENGLISH-MANDARIN translation

4) MANDARIN subtitling.

Will be 250 videos throughout this year. With monthly delivery plan. (15 to 20 each month)

The videos are 2-3 minutes long and some (very few) 11-15 minutes.

We would send the original video and you would deliver (in case of subtitles) the video with integrated subtitles.

If you are interested and can do one or several services that we are looking here, please tell us, as well as send your cost per hour of work and an approximate amount of how many hours would it take you to make a 3 min video and a 15 min video

Also send us previous works similar to what we ask for.

It is a project for very serious clients. We are looking for professionals who respond, with good experience and who are willing to work throughout this year.