Terms/Conditions and Blog Content, Long-Term, About 10K weekly

We have open spots on our translation team for a social media client.

We are currently looking for translators who have experience in marketing translation. We have some upcoming work for a social media company translating blog articles and user terms and conditions.

Benefits of working with Lilt include:

-Unlimited access to Lilt’s human-in-the-loop translation software

-Recurring work translating for major brands and organizations

-Payment via Payoneer every Tuesday PST

-Access to our Translator Community, where you can network and collaborate with other translators

-Opportunities to give feedback to our engineering team– we want you to help us build the best CAT tool possible!

If you are interested in joining us, please fill our our application on: https://resources.lilt.com/translator-application

We look forward to hearing from you!