Speech recording: English US, English UK, English Canada


We have a large speech recording assignment available.

Please check below the project requirements:

Transcript: provided by us

Age: in the range of 20 to 60, balancing for male and female and dialects.

Duration: 230 commands for each speaker. Number of words in each utterance is at most 10.

Recording setup: All recordings must be recorded in a car when it is on the road. The speaker sits in the auxiliary or main driver position and the recording device is located on the dashboard.

Audio quality: Audio files have to be saved in the wav format with PCM code, integer 16bit, and sample rate of 16kHz (could only be greater)

Environments: Raining, not raining.

Roads: Street, high speed way.

Each recording should have about 15-20 minutes ( however, this could be exceeded, there is no restriction regarding this matter)

There is no special requirement regarding the recording device as long as it fits the above mentioned requirements.

If you would be interested in handling this assignment please get in touch at [email protected]

Thank you in advance!