Looking for Native Italian Translator (specializes in digital marketing), approx 10K-20K words


We have a requirement to translate E-Learning related content into the Native Italian Language(specializes in digital marketing).

Need Translation sample for the attached sheet.

We are looking for a native translator(specialization/knowledge in E learning content) for this job. here are the project details.

– The budget mentioned in the post is negotiable.
– There are 10K words to 20K words will come for the Translation in some parts.
– Considering the amount of word count, we would like to know the per-word cost for the translation.
– Share your per word cost.
– We are yet to plan the timeline for this project. we will update the timeline to the shortlisted translator..
– Less price and less deadline(Per day word Translation) will be shortlisted first.
– Google translation should not be used

Let me know if you have any queries.

Shruti Soni