English to Japanese Translation

Below are 7 sentences I need translated. Each sentence I need translated is prefixed with the word “Translate:”.

Below this the context for each sentence is provided to aid in the best translation. DO NOT TRANSLATE the sentences beginning with “Context:”.

Contact me for any questions.

Translate: Start
Context: A button that when clicked triggers the start of a study

Translate: Start Task
Context: A button that when clicked triggers the start of a task

Translate: Are you sure you want to exit the study?
Context: A message which is shown when a user clicks on ‘exit’ and we want to be sure they intended to exit the study.

Translate: Your participation will be marked as incomplete.
Context: Informing the user that their involvement in the study will be marked as incomplete. This sentence shows beneath the message asking for confirmation on exiting the study.

Translate: If you wish to minimise the interface rather than exit the study, first click ‘No’, then click ‘Hide’.
Context: This is providing instruction to the user that if they did not really mean to exit the study, but rather hide/minimise the interface, then they need to first click ‘no’ and then click ‘hide’.

Translate: Please select…
Context: This is the placeholder text within a dropdown list that a participant selects an answer from.

Translate: This test is in preview mode, no data will be collected.
Context: This is an alert letting the participant know that the study they are seeing is not launched/live, rather it is in preview mode.