English to German translation

This is EDJ International Ltd.

I would like to ask for your cooperation in a new translation project from English into German.

Job: Translation of video scribt and subtitle SRT file.
Rate:2.25USD per 1 Minute
Payment Method:Paypal

there are guide lines will be sent for this translation project and please notice that the needed for this project is Translation only. here’s a brief about it.

Programs and talk shows and sometimes drama episodes already subtitled in English and the subtitles already in SRT file. all your mission is to translate only the subtitles into German. ( watching the videos is a must to translate according to the situation tone). you have to read the guide lines regarding the language pair so you can adjust the words number per second.

Please notice that this project is continuous project so lots of videos are expected to be coming soon.

Please write the German translation under each English line.