EN to RO Translation & Proofreading

Greetings 🙂

I’m in search of an experienced EN to RO translator (preferably, but not exclusively, a native speaker) for a translation/localization task.
The to-be-translated piece of content is a website under the Finance/Investments vertical. Our site features extensive reviews of the biggest EU brokers, Broker list pages per investment product, articles on specific features, and advertorials.
The task would also include all the necessary Site elements such as Footer Pages, a Homepage, etc.

This site is mainly targeting beginner investors, so there is no super heavy terminology regarding investing, trading, etc. However, some sort of knowledge in the field would be considered a plus and it would definitely make the task easier for the translator.

The “Proofreading” part has been added to the job title just to make it clear that machine-generated translations ARE NOT accepted of course. The key is to make it sound as natural as possible and have RO-speaking users feel like the text was originally written by a native speaker.

The parts of the website will be sent out in batches/milestones (so that we can begin building done translations in parallel with new translations incoming) so more tasks like this will be provided in the near future. This cooperation hopefully won’t be a one-time thing. For the sake of this job post, the first batch would be around 8500 words.

If you’re a native RO speaker, proficient in English, and you want to give your spin in the translation of lead-gen content for the Romanian Geo, go ahead and reach out! 🙂
Please let me know of a price per word rate you would suggest and what your availability is at the moment.
If you happen to be an investing enthusiast, also let me know. Reminder: this is not mandatory 🙂
More info will be provided upon a contract is formed.

Cheers and thanks in advance! 🙂