Christian Translation “articles and sermons”, 200-250k, “MS Word”

Brief introduction of the project:

1. An English to Hindi translation project for Christian spiritual articles and sermons, with overall volume around 200-250k words and deadline by the end of August (2018).

2. Rate: We offer reasonable rate and are happy to pay good price for those who offer excellent quality.

3. Potential workload: Working either on full-time or part-time basis is acceptable, assignments will be sent according to schedule and weekly/daily output capacity of the translator.


1. Native speaker of target language with at least 5 years’ experience in EN-HINDI translation.

2. Equivalent native English level.

3. Familiar with Christian terminologies, we will give priority to these linguists who have rich experience in translating Christian materials, literature or sermons. Especially those who are experienced in editing, as we are in urgent need of editors.

4. Ability to render the publishable quality.

It will be a great honor to have your participation, please kindly email us with your CV attached if you are interested in it. Thank you