#5895: Farsi/Persian into US English Translation

#5895: Farsi/Persian into US English Translation

We have a 7-page marriage certificate/documents that needs to be translated from Farsi/Persian into US English. The total word count is approximately 600 words. The formatting of your translation doesn’t need to match the source document perfectly. We are striving for about an 85% formatting match.

The customer entered this for names and places: Page 3: Bride: Jalila Kazemi Father: Ghulam Reza Grandfather: Mohammad Kazim Groom: Zia M. Fazel Father: Fazel Mahmood Grandfather: Fada Mohammad Page 4: Ghulam Reza Father: Mohammad Kazim Grandfather: Mohammad Abraham Page 5: Witness: Mohammad Raim Father: Ghulam Hider Grandfather: Ali Hider Second witness: Mohammad Mahfooz Father: Fazel Mahmood Grandfather: Fada Mohammad

You will need to use our certificate of accuracy that will be attached to the offer. We should receive one Microsoft Word document back with the certificate filled out on the first page followed by your translation, starting on the second page. Delete the instructions on page two and start your translation there. Please ensure the TranslationPal letterhead remains on all pages of your translation. The name of the Word file you send back to us should be the exact same as the one I’ll send to you.

You will receive the document to be translated upon your acceptance of the offer.

We need this back within 48 hours or sooner from the time of this posting. We want to make a hire as soon as possible. If you do a good job, we will consider you for other Farsi/Persian into US English translations.