Dear linguist,

This is Carlos, the VM of Glodom&GSL.
Here is our company’s URL link: https://www.glodomtec.com/
Glodom ranks CSA 100 and Nimdzi 100.

I’m writing to seek a dedicated linguist to assist our business team in translation and editing work, ensuring effective communication between us and our client.

Content: Audio technical manual
Service:Human translation and editing
Language: English to Korean
Volume:The exact weekly wordcount is a little difficult to predict at the moment, but there will be weekly projects to work on.
Time:The files will come in April or May
Tool: Trados

For now:
If you are interested in the above position and are willing to pass the short sample test in the technical field.

As a next step, can you please let us know the below:
1/ How many years of translation experience do you have in the technical, especially manuals field?
2/ What kind of documents and content types have you translated in this field?
3/ May I ask how many words have been translated in this field?
4/ What clients have you collaborated in this field? If you cannot mention specific names, please use generic names.
5/ Do you own trados license and skilled to use it?
6/ Could you kindly confirm what would be your preferred standard rate per new word for translation and editing?
7/ Could you kindly share me one piece of your detailed resume?

Thank you for your response.
Best regards,

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