Centific: [E-commerce/Retail Division] LQM of Testing Project (non-technical)

We are contacting you about an exciting new opportunity for our e-commerce client. We are looking for senior linguists to work as LQM for this testing task (non-technical), which aimed at testing the online retail stores to determine the quality of the user experience. The goal is to detect any possible functionality or localization issues.

Project Details
• Service: QA of website testing
• Content type: E-Commerce, Retail
• Tool: Webapp developed by Centific
• Hardware: Windows OS 10 or above
• Volume: Approx. 200 journeys per loacle/marketplace (TBC)
• Start date: March 25th-April 19th
• Delivery platform: Airtable

• Perform a number of quality checks, based on specified criteria, of Customer Journey entries from a specific target locale in an online database platform
• Provide an assessment of the overall quality of each assigned locale based on specified QE (quality evaluation) criteria
• Flag the journeys that need re-work to the QA team leads and corresponding PM, and contact the corresponding tester with the feedback and guidelines for re-work

• Fluent in English, can use English in business environment
• At least 3 years’ localization experience
• Familiar with online shopping
• Excellent attention to details

If you are interested in this project and scope, can you please send your updated resume to [email protected] and confirm the following? Thanks!
1. Willing to take a free test, including 2 parts
2. Accept do task in online tools or not
3. Your native language and the country you are currently living in
4. Do you have any testing experience or translation/review experience? If yes, please share some details with us. Such as content, volume and account.
5. Could be available for at least 4-6 hours per working day for this project
6. How frequently do you shop online? Please specify how many times in a month for example.
7. If you shop online, can you please specify what platforms do you use the most? Please list the top 3 online shopping sites you usually visited.
8. Please list the top 5 popular online shopping sites in your country

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