Experienced Content Writer & Blogger

I am seeking to hire someone for a long-term collaboration to assist with a variety of page and blog-related tasks. This position requires a capable individual who can conduct thorough research on various topics, write engaging blog posts, review and enhance existing pages.

Ideal candidate should possess the following skills and responsibilities:


– Create engaging and informative content for blogs related to home improvement and occasionally in the marketing niche
– Conduct thorough research on assigned topics to deliver high-quality blog posts
– Revise and improve web copies as needed
– Provide suggestions for relevant and interesting blog topics
– Ensure timely delivery of all content and meet project deadlines
– Knowledge of internal linking and how to connect blogs to eachother via linking is a plus.


– Proven experience as a Content Writer or Blogger
– Strong writing and editing skills
– Ability to work independently and handle tasks efficiently
– Familiarity with home improvement and marketing topics

*Knowing how to work with Asana, Trello or Team is a plus.

Please submit examples with your proposal.

For Each Blog budget is 20-24
For Editing and revising pages 5-15
For Web copy is 24

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