Translator for Technical HMI Screen Text

We are in search of a translator with 5+ years of experience specifically in technical translations to translate HMI screen text from English to European Portuguese. Our project involves translating various terms and phrases used in an industrial HMI screen, related to machinery operation and settings. The translator must use CAT tools like Trados or similar and deliver a translation memory file with their final translation. Send your resume with experience in the industrial machinery sector and related information. If you are qualified and do a good job we would be looking to continue our collaboration with you in the future.

* You must be a native Euro-Portuguese speaker to be awarded this project.

Project Details:

Nature of Text: Technical, related to machinery interface (HMI)
Volume: Approximately 1600 new words
Subject Matter: Industrial machinery, specifically focusing on HMI screens for control and operation
Language Pair: English to European Portuguese
Tone: Professional and technically accurate


Proven experience in technical translations, especially in industrial or machinery-related fields
Native proficiency in European Portuguese
Excellent comprehension of technical English
Ability to accurately translate terms and phrases while maintaining their original meaning and technical precision.
Software Used: CAT Tools
Final Delivery: Excel file with TM file as well

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