Blog Content Distribution on Social Media Platforms

We are seeking a skilled freelancer to assist in the strategic distribution of content from our EV-focused blog, across various social media platforms. The primary objective is to share our insightful articles and news related to electric vehicles in a natural and engaging manner.

Key Responsibilities

Content Distribution: Systematically share articles on various social media platforms including Reddit, Facebook groups, and other relevant online communities.

Platform-Specific Strategy: Develop and execute platform-specific strategies ensuring content is shared in a way that feels organic and aligns with community guidelines and culture.

Karma and Credibility Management: Utilize a Reddit account with high post and comment karma to share content. Similarly, leverage established Facebook profiles or groups, and other social media accounts in good standing.

Engagement and Interaction: Actively engage with the audience in the comments section to foster a community around the content, answer questions, and provide additional information as needed.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Proven Experience: Demonstrable experience in content distribution and community management on social media platforms, particularly Reddit and Facebook.

Reddit Expertise: Own a Reddit account with high post and comment karma, and a history of positive engagement.

Facebook Group Management: Experience managing or actively participating in large Facebook groups.

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