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I am seeking a creative and experienced TVC concept writer to develop a captivating commercial highlighting my product’s durability, convenience, and innovative features. The focus of this advertisement is to underscore the value it brings to middle-aged adults, aiming to enhance product promotion effectively.

### Ideal Skills and Experience:

– **Professional Writing:** Ability to craft compelling narratives that engage a specific audience.

– **Marketing Insight:** Knowledge of how to position a product to appeal to middle-aged consumers.

– **Creativity:** Developing innovative concepts that highlight product features.

– **Research Proficiency:** Understanding of market trends and consumer preferences within the target age group.

– **Collaborative Spirit:** Openness to feedback and ability to work with a team towards the best output.

### Responsibilities:

– Developing a concept that aligns with the goal of product promotion.

– Ensuring the key features (durability, convenience, innovative features) are prominently showcased.

– Writing a script that speaks directly to the needs and wants of individuals aged 36-55.

– Proposing ideas for visual storytelling that complements the written narrative.

### Ideal Outcome:

The final TVC should not only inform but also resonate with our target audience, compelling them to consider how our product can make a significant difference in their daily lives. The commercial should encapsulate the essence of what makes our product stand out – its robustness, ease of use, and cutting-edge attributes, weaving these aspects into an engaging and memorable storyline.

I look forward to collaborating with a talented writer who shares our vision for making meaningful connections through creative storytelling.

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