Biography interviewer/writer for 80 year old man

Looking for an experienced writer to help interview and co-write a biography for an (almost) 80-year old gay man.

Must be a great communicator, thoughtful, uplifting person who can help guide the project and produce a short biography by May 2024, ahead of 80th bday in June.

This work highlights the story of a man with wonderful personality, kindness, and depth to his story.

And — this is really important — we know there are AI tools that can do this. But that’s not 100% helpful. Here’s why:

We need a real person to ask GREAT questions and get “D” talking.

Then, once you have those reponses, perhaps YOU DO USE AI to help co-author the biography.

But this much it clear: We really want to elevate the human side of what you do, and then if you use an AI tool to *help* write pieces of the biography, that’s OK, too.

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