Contribution Recognition: An Informative Presentatio

As a project presenter, my intent is to share examples of scenarios where employees hard work is not appreciated to the fullest following by an improvement plan. As the audience is a mix of employees and senior managers , I need to ensure there is humor and a good positive msg involved. The presentation should show very simply on the unacknowledged contributions that employees have been making to the organization. The crux of my presentation will focus on the topic “My Contribution is not Recognized.” Skills and experience in this case will involve:

-Ideal freelancers should be able to demonstrate a proficient understanding of corporate dynamics and how contributions are measured and recognized.

-Evidence of prior works where you’ve effectively communicated sensitive topics to a management-level audience is a bonus.

-Experience in creating engaging, concise presentations that effectively communicate the message in question.

-Familiarity with developing content that can be persuasive and enlightening, without being confrontational will be highly valuable.

The goal is to create a presentation that not only brings to light my contributions but also initiates a dialogue about the recognition process. It’s important that this presentation initiates a positive change and doesn’t come off as just a complaint. It’s crucial to have a balanced, respectful, yet assertive tone throughout the presentation.

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