Software Solicitor / Laywer

We are a startup seeking to develop a Gymnastics Club Management Software that will enable clubs to efficiently manage member registrations, schedule classes and events, track payments and more. As we work to build this software, we require assistance drafting key legal agreements.

Specifically, we need help drafting a contract to outline the terms of our commercial software development engagement. This contract will define project scope, payment terms, intellectual property ownership, responsibility for deliverables and warranty.

Additionally, we require a Software License Agreement that can be provided to customer gyms. This SLA will grant users a license to access and utilize the software in exchange for payment. It is important this agreement clearly spells out permitted use cases and restrictions to protect our intellectual property.

The selected freelancer should have experience drafting software development contracts and end user license agreements. They should be adept at translating business needs into clear, legally-compliant language. Most importantly, their work must stand up to legal scrutiny and establish a solid foundation as we commence this venture.

We aim to develop a platform that fulfills a real need for gymnastics clubs. Careful legal documentation is imperative as we work with a developer and eventually customers. Your assistance in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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