100 vape brand page content around 1200 word each

Iam looking to write seo content for 100 vape brand pages on my new site which is being built at moment i have all keywords need below is just a example off the king off layout for each brand we just need these is google docs and my developer will add all hyperlink etc
Need to be a header show below explaining a brief overview off the brand and what products they produce eg vape kits e-liquid what ever they do
then below the collection off products more information on the brand what they do and were they from made and who there product are for etc etc i have alot off examples off competitors websites to help guide you and we have been in the vape online for 10yrs but we need to up our content game there is 230 brand we stock in total but 100 main one for now as would like this all done for end off month.
Than after that we can arrange to do the rest and maybe other content moving forward i have a seo team working with me so have all keywords etc which need to be used

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