Review and Refinement of My Main CV


I am a contract Business Analyst, with a wide range of skills and experiences, and qualifications; which means that I can lend myself to multiple roles. I feel more like a ‘consultant’ but the main roles I apply for are senior business analyst roles.

I really struggle to contain my skills and experience into one document, and find it a challenge in my domain because it feels like I need to re-write my entire CV even for each business analysis role – which is exhausting.
However, even my generic CV as a starting point is quite full. It is this that will be available online and which I would sent to potential recruiters / clients.

I would value some expertise and some ideas and help to re-design this to be more effective and helpful.

Preferably someone who understand the contractor business analysis role, the contractor market, and the world of business change, transformation, and consultancy.



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