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Experienced Copywriter Wanted: Craft Engaging Website Content for Portmanteau’s Unique Travel Brand


Greetings talented copywriters!

At Portmanteau, we’re on a mission to transcend the ordinary and redefine the narrative of travel. We’re seeking a skilled copywriter to join our journey and breathe life into our online presence. If you have a passion for storytelling, an eye for detail, and a knack for weaving words, we want you to be the voice of Portmanteau!

About Us:
Portmanteau is not just a luggage brand; it’s a portal to exploration, adventure, and the stories that unfold on the road less traveled. Our brand voice is a symphony of authenticity, wanderlust, and a dash of chic adventure. Think less about product features and more about the tales our suitcases carry.

Product Details:
Picture this – our Carry-On, a sleek 20-inch aluminum companion for your spontaneous getaways. Compact, durable, and ready for any adventure you throw its way. Then there’s our Checked, a majestic 29-inch aluminum giant that houses the narratives of epic journeys across continents. Both crafted with precision, designed for the explorers, the storytellers, and those who believe that every trip is a chapter waiting to be written.

What We’re Looking For:
We need more than just words; we need storytelling magic. We want our website to be a haven where travel enthusiasts lose themselves in the allure of far-off lands, where each suitcase isn’t just an object but a vessel for dreams and discoveries. Bring our brand voice to life, captivate our audience, and make them feel the heartbeat of adventure. Be able to match our written tone with our visual assets.

Your Mission:

Home Page: Craft compelling copy for our Home Page that sets the stage for a global adventure.
Product Page: Illuminate our Product Page with narratives that transcend the ordinary, focusing on the soul of each suitcase.
Our Story: Weave the threads of our brand story into a tapestry that resonates with wanderers worldwide.

SEO Optimization:
We’re not just chasing the aesthetic; we want to conquer the digital landscape too. Infuse your storytelling prowess with SEO finesse. Keywords like travel, adventure, durable suitcases, and stylish travel should dance seamlessly through your prose.

Voice & Tone Background:
Imagine a conversation between old friends sharing travel stories – that’s our voice. Friendly, adventurous, and always genuine. It’s not about selling; it’s about inviting our audience to dream with us, to feel the breeze of a new destination, and to believe in the magic of exploration.

Why Work with Portmanteau:

An opportunity to be the literary architect of a brand that values storytelling over selling.
A chance to shape the narrative of a product that’s not just luggage but a companion on life’s adventures.
Room for creativity, innovation, and the freedom to infuse your personal touch into our brand story.
If you’re ready to embark on a word-woven adventure with us, we want to hear from you! Share samples of your storytelling prowess, your approach to SEO optimization, and let us know why Portmanteau’s journey resonates with your own.

Are you ready to tell stories that transport and captivate? Join us on this odyssey of words and let’s redefine the language of travel together!

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