Engaging content for social media marketing for business owners

I’m looking for an experienced, skilful writer with expertise in social media marketing to create us:

1. content that can be used in videos – social media basics- enough for 3 x 10 min videos

2. Blogs – 3 blog posts on social media marketing

The above are aimed at new and existing business owners / entrepreneurs looking for information and guidance on these topics.

Topic: The above should cover beginner social media marketing, examples:
Starting Your Social Media Journey: Tips for beginners on how to start a social media presence for their business
Choosing the Right Platforms: Understanding which social media platforms are best suited for different types of businesses.
Creating a Social Media Strategy: Basic steps to develop a social media marketing strategy.
Building Your Brand on Social Media: Tips for creating a consistent brand voice and image online.
Content Creation Basics: How to create engaging and relevant content for your audience.
Leveraging Hashtags Effectively: Understanding the power of hashtags and how to use them strategically.
Engaging with Your Audience: Best practices for interacting with followers to build a community.

Audience: Our audience is incidental business owners & entrepreneurs: start-ups, emerging business owners, existing business owners – typically plumbers, building companies, estate agents, electricians, beauty therapists. Therefore your writing must be clear, concise, and easily digestible for individuals who may have little or no marketing knowledge. Our audience is all based in the U.K.

Tone: The tone of these articles should be informative and educational but captivating; we’re here to teach our audience, not sell to them. We want the content to be relevant, current and fresh.

Work may be ongoing for the right person.

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