WordPress Migration

We are seeking a skilled WordPress developer to assist in migrating our existing WordPress website from its current server to a new hosting environment. The project will involve a smooth transfer, necessary updates, and a general cleanup of the site, with a critical emphasis on our approval before the site goes live on the new server.

Key Responsibilities:

Site Migration:

Assess the current WordPress setup and prepare for a seamless migration.
Migrate the website to the new server ensuring no data loss.
Maintain the integrity of all links, images, and functionalities post-migration.
Handle domain name changes and DNS settings as required.
Important: The migrated site on the new server should remain in a staging or testing environment and should not replace the live site until we have given our explicit approval.
Website Update:

Update WordPress core, themes, and plugins to the latest versions.
Resolve any compatibility issues arising post-update.
Enhance website performance (load times, responsiveness).
Implement up-to-date security measures.
Cleanup and Optimization:

Remove unused plugins, themes, and media files.
Optimize WordPress database.
Review and optimize content for SEO.
Ensure mobile-friendliness and adherence to web standards.
Skills and Qualifications:

Extensive experience in WordPress development, including site migrations.
Knowledgeable in web hosting, cPanel, and DNS configurations.
Proficient in WordPress security and SEO optimization.
Problem-solving skills and meticulous attention to detail.
Project Timeline:

Immediate start with completion within [specified time frame, e.g., 2 weeks].

Quotes are requested based on the provided scope.
Application Requirements:

Portfolio showcasing WordPress projects, especially in migrations.
Client testimonials or references.

Consistent updates and open communication are mandatory.
This project requires careful handling to ensure that the website’s migration and updates meet our high standards without any disruption to the live site. We look forward to working with a professional who understands the importance of these requirements and can deliver a seamless transition to the new server with our approval.

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