Google sheet diagram

This is the Google sheet I need help with:

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The table in the sheet describes decay time for different tissues.

In column A there are different percentage levels of interest.

In column B to E there are the decayl times for different tissues.

The numbers in column B to E represents the time it takes for each tissue to reach a certain level of percentual decay. For example fat in column B: after 0 ms the decay is 100% (no decay), it takes 23 ms for the decay to reach 75%, 56 ms for the decay to reach 50% and so on.

I would like to make a line chart in google sheets of this table, where the percentage levels of interest in column A are on the y axis, and where the x axis is time in ms. Each tissue should be represented with a line in a different Colour.

Please see the picuture in the linked file for the desired result I’m looking for!

Thank you!

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