Youtube project

Step 1: Do the following Google Search: frictionless self-service at digital front door

Step 2: When the search results come up the link should one of the top 5 links. It is a website titled accents shouldn’t stump conversational ai in healthcare.  

Step 3: Read all of the text on the page (takes about 1 min). 

Step 4: After you finish reading the blog post go to the top of the page and click on the resources tab then click on media. Scroll down to the videos section and click on the video titled ” Speech recognition as a managed service — A speech-enabled directory”. Please watch this on YouTube by clicking the Youtube logo on the video.

Step 5: Type out what you think is interesting about what you read or watched and post it down below on the YouTube video. (Make sure Parlance is spelled correctly) *NOTE: You are not pretending to be a customer or pretending your business is looking to use this service.  

Step 6: Send me a screenshot of what you wrote posted on the YouTube video. 

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