Excel Automation Expertise Needed

I’m looking for a highly skilled freelancer to assist me in automating tasks within Microsoft Excel. My goal is to efficiently manage and process basic data and return optimal results as well as a visual. related specifically to manufacturing foam blocks.

Ideal Freelancer Skills:

– Proficient in Excel VBA and macros

– Experience with automation of data tasks

– Knowledge of manufacturing industry a plus

– Detail-oriented and analytical thinker

Project Requirements:

– Ensure accurate interpretation of manufacturing data

– Generate solutions for rectangular and custom-shaped blocks processing

Specific request: We are a foam manufacturing company and we cut foam to size from very large blocks on saws. We typically calculate the size to cut manually on the factory floor using the hard copy sheets (see attached). I would like to have an excel sheet to essentially mimic these sheets where you input the 3 sizes of the foam we’d like to cut and then the results will show the factory floor how to cut the block as well as showing a visual to the factory workers on how to actually make the cuts- basically creating these sheets in excel. Please let me know your thoughts on cost – this is likely more of a presentation basis than programming, but we will need some formulas and graphics to calculate and show the best way to cut the block and best way to to “yield” pieces from the block BLOCK SIZE IS ALWAYS 40 X 80 X 108 INCHES. There will likely be a couple iterations of this to get to completion.

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