ENDNOTE Reference manager: 1700 PDF’s manual entry or similar

I would like to engage someone familiar with EndNote and is a fast accurate typist, and has their own EndNote account to manually enter the title, author and publication year (only) of 1700 PDF’s uploaded to my EndNote library.

During the end note import the above data (title, year and author) was not successfully imported. This task requires the contractor to look at each of the 1700 pdf’s and extract (retype or copy and paste) the necessary data into the endnote library profile. If you are familiar with Endnote, this will make sense. I estimate that 2-3 entries can be added per minute.

However, if there is a proven way to do this quicker than manual entry I am also willing to consider this as an option.

Importantly, the contractor will need their own copy of End Note so I can share access to my library to enable the documents to me added.

I hope this is clear and please ask any clarifying questions.

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