Italian Voiceover work for AI dubbing

Papercup is an AI dubbing company that uses a human-in-the-loop model to improve the overall quality of our localisation and synthetic voices.

Papercup’s voice actors use their vocal skills and expertise to help bring life to our catalogue of synthetic voices. By identifying areas where the expressivity could be improved and recording a better version, voice actors help the AI to mimic the “shape” of their voiced segment, and in-turn develop the expressivity of the voices.

Papercup will not use your samples to replicate or clone your voice or likeness without your prior consent. The scope of this work only involves mapping your voice’s expressivity onto our own voices.

This is an ongoing role, with the expected available work of up to 20 hours per week. Papercup uses hourly payments in British Pound Sterling. Please provide your hourly rate in the quote provided.

For more information about the company, please see our website:

To apply for this role, please send a voice sample via our application form linked below. We currently do not have a set script for Italian, so please choose any sample you wish. Any samples provided will only be used for the purpose of assessing your suitability for the role, they will not be used for training data or any other purpose.


Benefits of the Role:
– Use your voice on exciting AI dubbing projects and play a key role in the growth of a new technology
– Help bring content types traditionally unsupported by dubbing to huge new global audiences
– Supplement your main income and utilise your skills with a steady stream of voice work at Papercup
– Skip casting and use your voice to bring life to a range of new synthetic voices, regardless of age, gender or profile
– Work from home using your own recording set-up

– The responsibilities of Papercup’s voice actors include:
– Watch and understand context of the video content
– Read the written script aloud with contextual emotions
– Use voice techniques, such as inflexion and pacing, to bring the script to life
– Record your voice using appropriate recording software, making sure to stay on script and within the allotted time
– Work with our Product and Machine Learning teams to improve systems and processes

Required Skills:
– Proper and clear articulation, enunciation and pronunciation
– A wide emotional and vocal range, control, and projection
– Strong breathing – not running out of air at the end of a sentence
– Consistency with energy, articulation, pitch control and characterisation
– Familiar with, and capable of working in, a neutral accent
– Familiarity with audio recording setup and recording software
– Possess the technical expertise to create quality audio output
– Ability to work independently
– An ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
– Strong organisational skills
– Able to review translation/adaptation for dubbing or voice-over
– Experience working on a variety of voice-over projects is a nice to have, but not essential

Technical Requirements:
– Laptop or desktop computer. There are no specific operating system or software requirements
– Mid-range or higher professional microphone (e.g. Blue Yeti)
– Pop shield (optional)
– Acoustically suitable recording environment
– Educational Requirements:
– No formal professional education or experience is required, however, previous voice, acting / theatre experience is a valuable asset.

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