Hey! I have a new project for you!

Transcribing involves translating spoken language into written language. In other words, you write down what people say. Often these are different types of interviews that must be stored in written format for post-work. To become a good transcriber you need to be able to write fast and listen carefully. You use a Chrome webpage where you put annotation tags (background noise, speaker 1, etc.)

Our expectations for people who work:

You have KOREAN as your mother tongue and you are comfortable with listening to the audio and writing down what is said.

You are able to work 20 hours a week minimum.
PC or Mac to do the job with Google Chrome

You have good knowledge of the language to be transcribed.

You write fast and you are careful, or have the will to train these qualities.

You take full responsibility for your work and your obligations.

You must be available for a minimum of one month. This is a long-term project that will last for several months, so here are the opportunities.

This is suitable for those who:

Want to control yourself where you work from: from home, from vacation, from cabin – you choose where you do the work, as long as it doesn’t compromise on confidentiality.

Doesn’t have an overly regular and detailed schedule everyday. It is an advantage if you are flexible and can work based on needs and workload.

Want an interesting extra or part-time job over a longer period.

Will decide for yourself when you work, but within the deadline frame.

Training and guidelines are provided in the attachment. We also have a group where several people actively participate with questions and answers.

Deadlines for the tasks are usually 1 day.
The payment is done via bank transfer/Paypal once a month.

Note that communication is via Telegram.
When you are ready, write to me on Telegram @krasuviy (Seva.R) and I will send you the task.
If you can read all the instructions today, you can start immediately.

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